EBU Metadata Developer Network
  The developer network organises regular workshops to the attention of metadata architects and implementers.



a) collect and share best development practises from EBU members who have advanced approaches at metadata management;

b) provide software tools, hints and examples for easier implementation of best known metadata formats / standards;

c) organise (virtual or physical) meetings, seminars, workshops in which to explore and discuss new technological trends and the latest developments in metadata with key experts;


d) set up a forum on broadcast metadata with discussion fora for exchange between implementers (where to put "how did/would you implement...?"-like questions), events advertising, tech-news.


e) provide functional and requirement analysis of existing products w.r.t. metadata support.


f) develop metadata implementation guidelines for relevant EBU projects (e.g., HIPS-META)


Following there are some examples of field of expertise that will be the core of this new group:


- how to develop web services to access metadata repositories
- how to develop metadata supporting tools and services for EBU metadata standards
- how to implement TV-Anytime features
- how to map legacy/internal schemas to EBUCore
- how to implement metadata into MXF
- how to combine BXF and egtaMETA
- access to test material for automatic metadata extraction
- how to develop efficient automated metadata extraction tools
- EBUCore XML and RDF/OWL samples
- Eurovision NewsML-G2 samples, etc.
- proprietary metadata schemas and/or instances
- use of a data dictionary to enhance a core standard like EBUCore

Chair Tormod Værvågen (NRK)
Coordinator Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU)
Assistant Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU)



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