EBU GROUP on LED-based studio lights



This Group addresses the use of High efficiency lighting, such as LED lights, in professional television and film production.


The challenge


The introduction of high efficiency LED lighting is leading towards a number of unintended and possibly expensive consequences for both television and film production.


Studies already undertaken show the lighting industry colour-rendering index is inappropriate for television because of the floating white point.


The aim of this group is to show how these studies could lead to the design of a “Standard camera” model, much along the lines of the human CIE “Standard observer” .




Q4/11 Write state of the art report on “issues” for the EBU Technical Committee



Q1/12 Develop best practise document for Members, e.g. “Factors to consider in the use of LED lights for TV”



Q4/12 Develop an EBU Recommendation for a “Television/Film Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI)”

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Q4/12 Develop a guideline to deal with the impact of artefacts caused by High efficiency lights

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Q4/13 Push the updated and finalized versions of the TLCI and TLMF (Television Lighting Matching Factor) into   

            SMPTE for standardization

            SMPTE 10E - Lighting consitency  (SMPTE login required)