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Technical Review rounds off the year
30 December 2011

An article on interference and regulatory issues in the specrum domain brings 2011 to a close for the EBU Technical Review, a valuable resource for the broadcasting community. ... read more

German broadcasters take a joint approach on Loudness
21 December 2011

In a significant show of support for the EBU Loudness Recommendation, public and private broadcasters in Germany will implement R128 starting in August 2012. ... read more

DigiTAG Presidency for EBU Technical Director
15 December 2011

After 15 years DigiTAG continues to look to the future as Lieven Vermaele takes up the role of President. ... read more

Tech Award for EBU
12 December 2011

David Wood named as Technology Leader 2011 by Digital TV Europe magazine. ... read more

Progress on future requirements for media standards at SMPTE
09 December 2011

European broadcasters contributed to SMPTE discussions on future media standards requirements. ... read more

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