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Goodbye 2010
31 December 2010

2010 has been a very busy year as far as it concerns media technology developments. In the past 12 months the EBU TECHNICAL team together with the EBU Members and other media ... read more

EBU meeting to fix requirements for new subtitling format
29 December 2010

The EBU's  Subtitling Group (ECI-DFXP) will meet on 18th January 2011 to check the requirements for the new XML/MXF subtitling format it is to recommend on. Broadcasters / subtitlers ... read more

3D TV for the partially sighted
24 December 2010

The UK’s RNIB has published the results of a study on how the partially sighted experience 3D TV. Tests were made with sample groups of partially and normally sighted people ... read more

EBU publishes loudness test material
22 December 2010

The EBU has published a set of 15 Loudness test sequences to help equipment manufacturers implement 'EBU mode' according to the EBU loudness metering specification (EBU Tech 3341) ... read more

EBU issues views to prevent PLT interference
22 December 2010

The EBU calls for suitable limits on PLT (Power-Line Transmission) devices to prevent interference with broadcast reception. The EBU's Technical Committee, its most senior technical ... read more

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